Jacopo's Lair

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Hi! What will you find here?

This website started as a way to solve an impossible task: organising my thoughts and writing down guides. Maybe it'll be of use to you!

  • Articles: written guides and other useful information for many fields.
  • Archive: files, programs and other things to download.
  • Projects: things that I made or programmed.

Who am I?

I'm a cyborg young geology student that pretends to know stuff like "information technology"...
What I like:

  • Railways
  • Radio - I'm a radio amateur since 2022 with the callsign IU1QPT
  • Satellites - I am one of the SatDump developers
  • Legos, of course - my oldest nickname on the internet is lego11 for a reason!
  • Geology, mountains, lakes, and similar stuff.
  • Free climbing and mountaineering. I feel happy only above 3000m ASL.
  • Obsolete IT technology
  • Homelabbing

What I hate:

  • jQuery, Angular.js and similar "tech" (6 Mb of random .js to load a few lines of text? Are we out of our minds?)
  • Any app, service or other whose main purpose is to collect "data" to be resold.

In italiano

Tra gli articoli si trovano anche parecchie informazioni in italiano. Se un articolo inglese è stato tradotto, apparirà la bandierina 🇮🇹 .